The Mynocks set a JFL record by losing the championship game 37 years in a row.

The Fagabeefy Mynocks were a JFL team based on Fagabeefy 4. They are known for their inability to win big games, and their horrible, horrible fans.


They were established in one of the later rounds of JFL expansion. The Mynocks were moved to the Core Division after the league realignment made necessary by the loss of the Alderaan Unarmed Bandits, Despayre Slaveworkers, Death Star Tractor Beams, and Hoth Echos. The result of this move caused the team great financial hardship, since they regularly had to travel all the way from the Outer Rim for games. The rest of the teams in the division were on wealthy planets and regularly sold out their home games, further widening the gap. Eventually, the JFL imposed a salary cap that allowed the teams to compete on more even footing. Even so, The Mynocks are the only team in the division to never win a JFL championship, despite their many many many opportunities.


Fagabeefy 4 was not known for its class or intelligence, and this was reflected in the Mynocks' fan base. Games, regardless of outcome, regularly ended in riots. A study listed "Mynocks game" as the 5th leading cause of death among Fagabeefy males. The stadium had a full prison and execution facility to deal with the violence. Visiting teams frequently reported being assaulted by batteries, snow, and severed heads.

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