A Lannik Jedi Master, Even Piell was not always the fierce warrior.

Though not at all the same species as Yoda, the two were often lumped together as they both became Younglings around the same time. Both were picked on as children, and picked last for dodgeball. Yoda was slightly older, and had already been given several nicknames such as "loser", "dork", "nerd", and "little useless green jerk". When Even showed up, he was known as "pink Yoda".

In time, both Jedi would learn to rise above these tauntings, and gave only the slightest of smirks when their mockers were all accidentally killed in a gardening mishap in the south wing of the Jedi Temple. Even and Yoda went on to become Padawans, then Knights, and finally Masters with barely any incident. This was the quiet time between Sith incursions.

Then Anakin Skywalker showed up and everything went to spit. Qui-Gon Jinn was pulling another of his extremely unamusing practical jokes, and then went and died before he could shout his usual, "Ah ha! Got you, F%$ers!" They were now stuck with this whining, no good jablome. Piell though was one of the few on the Jedi Council who immediately tried to accept young Anakin. Remembering back to his early days of teasing and taunts, Piell knew acceptance was a better way. He was shocked to learn that even Yoda felt Anakin had no place there, but in time the little green guy came around. Anakin was there to stay.

Then Anakin's new master, and Qui-Gon's former pupil, Obi-Wan Kenobi accidentally kicked off the Clone Wars by getting kidnapped at Geonosis. Even and 200 other Jedi accompanied Mace Windu in a rescue attempt. They were successful, but now the Galaxy was neck deep in a civil war! And finally, Qui-Gon's joke reached its apex as Anakin Skywalker was given Even's seat on the Council. There were allegations about Even "touching" some Younglings. Yoda swore he didn't believe it, but Even could see in his eyes that what he was really thinking was "pink yoda has finally shown his true colors". Even tried to get a manager position in the Hardware Corps, but ultimately had to settle as a lackey in the Custodial Corps in the Jedi Temple. It was this that actually saved his life, as he was taking a nap in the broom closet while Darth Vader swept through the Temple with the 501st Legion, executing every Jedi they could find.

Even snuck out of the Temple, surviving in the streets of Coruscant by any means necessary. Despite these efforts though, he was ultimately discovered in a brothel by Stormtroopers and killed.


Even carried a blue bladed Lightsaber.

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