Wait...why did he say that twice?

"Standby... Standby."
- Dingo Fleeceman's famous last last words.

Dingo Fleeceman was a young man from Nar Shadda.  As a teenager, he used to try to pick up chicks in the bars with the line, "Hey, the Dingo ate yo' baby!".  Most women were confused by this.  The line never worked, and he was a virgin upon receiving his first assignment as an Imperial Officer, to serve on board the first Death Star

Dingo suffered from a nervous tick, and a mild form of Tourrette's Syndrome.  He was the junior Main Laser Countdown Announcer, and reported directly to Lieutenant Bleedy Crotchsore.  During the Battle of Yavin, Crotchsore was supposed to convey the firing sequence over the intercom, but he was killed in the station's hangar minutes before his shift.  Fleeceman had to take over, but he was nervous.  When the order was given to activate the Laser and destroy Yavin, Fleeceman made the unfortunate error of repeating the penultimate line, "Standby", instead of giving the order to "Fire!"  This hesitation gave the Rebels just enough time to blow him up, along with everyone else aboard the Death Star.

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