Endor's Forest Moon didn't have a proper name. Admiral Ackbar was actually trying to say "farthest moon," but he had trouble pronouncing words. When the Rebels got there and saw all the trees, they assumed he had meant to say Forest.

Endor was actually a gas giant, but nobody cares about Endor at all. Endor more commonly is used to refer to a forest moon where the Ewoks lived.


Endor was on the outer rim of the Outer Rim- real close to the Unknown Regions. The Ewoks claimed that there were a bunch of other sentient species on the planet, including several that arrived in crashed space ships, but Ewoks were unreliable at best. The Empire found the moon to be an ideal location to build their second Death Star. In order to limit the chances of repeating their previous mistake, with a shield generator protecting the space station from the surface. This led to the Battle of Endor where the shield was single-handedly disabled by Han Solo with no help from anyone. This allowed Lando to destroy the Death Star. The party that followed on the moon was epic in proportions and was voted as the best party of the century by the editors of Dathomir Gentleman's Quarterly.

Notable Residents

A bunch of Ewoks:

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