EV Series Supervisor Droid


Feminine Programming


Supervisor of Droid Dungeon


Jabba The Hutt

EV-9D9 was the supervisor of Jabba's droid dungeon. She may be romantically linked with 8D8, but these may juts be rumors started by one of her many detractors.


There has been considerable debate as to whether or not EV-9D9 needs to be upgraded. The current EV-9D9 is over ten years old.

Arguments in Favor an Upgrade

  • The current model lacks the articulation of modern droids
  • The current model is out of scale
  • The current model is actually based on an even older model from 15 years earlier
  • The arguments against are all stupid

Arguments Against an Upgrade

  • The current version still holds up well compared to other droids
  • Other upgrades are more critical
  • EV-9D9 is not important enough to warrant an upgrade
  • Up yours, Lunchbox
    800px-Owen Luke

    Owen points out EV-9D9's flaws.

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