The Duro Douchebags symbol was meant to be offensive, but went over most peoples' heads.

The Duro Douchebags were a Jawa Football League team located on Duro.  They had an intense rivalry with the Coruscant Racists.

Origins Edit

When Coruscant was granted a JFL expansion team, the owners named the team the Blue-Skinned Jerks and used a Duros as its mascot.  Not surprisingly, this angered the leading Duros of the time, who began protesting the team.  After a few thousand years, the JFL finally decided to expand their leage, and added a franchise on Duro.  The ownership of the new team sought to make their team as offensive to humans as they felt the Blue-Skinned Jerks were to Duros.  The named their team the Duro Douchebags, and used a modified Republic insignia as their team logo.  By adding spiked points to the familiar symbol, they intended to recall the violence and oppression that had been carried out against non-humans.  They felt that this would shame the humans who had dominated the Republic, and draw attention to the issue.  Unfortunately, their social commentary was too obscure to most of the Galaxy, who began assuming that Duros were natural douchebags.  When they tried to change the name, the JFL refused to allow it, since they had a huge stack of unsold Duros Douchebag bumper stickers.

Team History Edit

Despite their name, the team had several periods of success, and collected almost as many championships as the Dune Sea Blacksmiths.  Their rivalry with the Coruscant Racists goes back to their founding, and, even though Duro almost always had the better team, both sides always looked forward to their annual meetings.

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