Duro used to be nice before it became the Galaxy's trashhole.

Duro was home to the Duros, and was located on the Corellian Trade Spine.


Duro was one of the first planets to develop Hyperspace technology. This was very exciting. Duro was a Core Founder of the Republic and assumed that they would be among the most powerful planets. They turned out to be way off, as the other Core Founders were pretty much all Human-dominated planets who made sure that Humans would have a disproportianate amount of power in the Republic forever. Specific laws, such as the Three Eights Compromise, created by DeWayne Ballcupper, were passed specifically to marginalize Duro. Duro soldiered on, and remained an important cultural and economic planet. Duro became a goto scapegoat for everyone else, and everything from crime on Corellia, to Galaxy-wide blackouts were blamed on Duro. Though many on Duro wanted to leave the Republic, the planetary leaders always assumed that things would get better eventually- especially once they got their own JFL franchise, the Duro Douchebags. Some Duro left, and settled Neimoidia, where they evolved into a new species. Things got worse. Around the time of the Mandalorian Wars, the Senate passed a law allowing other planets to dump as much garbage as they wanted on Duro. As the planet's environment deteriorated, most of the citizens were forced to live in orbiting cities. Things on Duro actually improved under the Empire, even though the citizens actively fought against it.

Notable ResidentsEdit

Most of the notable people from Duro were Duros.

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