Durkteel was a spelunker's paradise. Take that however you wish.

Durkteel was a Mid Rim world where Saurins and Rell'Warcs came from.


Durkteel was famous throughout the Galaxy for its caverns. People from all over came to explore these caverns. Unfortunatel, the caverns were home to the dangerous Rell'Warcs. The Saurins, Durkteel's other sentient species, had gotten sick of the Rell'Warcs' general bad attitude and poor hygeine and banished them to live underground. During the Clone Wars, Durkteel housed a refugee camp.

Notable Residents

Hrchek and Sai'torr Kal Fas were both from Durkteel, as was Gauron Nas Tal. Natza Antilles visited Durkteel's caverns where she was molested by Jim the Rell'Warc.

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