Drax squad

Jubal Skrote and Rip Nardass of Drax Squad with a Dewback butt.

Drax was a squad of Sandtroopers sent to Tatooine to recover the Death Star plans Leia Organa had taken. Sergeant Rip Nardass led this squad in conjunction with Zeta and Alvien squads, along with a Dewback Patrol. Once it was discovered that the plans hadn't simply been hidden in the ship, and it was actually Droids carrying them, the squads split up. Alvien went directly to Mos Eisley, the largest spaceport in the vicinity, in an Imperial Troop Transport and set up roadblocks.

Drax also went to Mos Eisley, albeit on foot. They were unable to get to Mos Eisley before Luke Skywalker and the droids did, but squad member Orpho Hain did get to witness the Millenium Falcon taking off. He just kinda stood there before being killed by Miles O'Keeffe for what Ivor and Zeta Squad had done to his wife and child.  

Drax squad was seen as more of a joke by the other Sandtroopers. Their equipment was kinda shabby, and they couldn't handle the tough missions.

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