Dranoal was a Defel who had worked for the CIS during the Clone Wars. He and his partner Hagro served as scouts in the Battle of Ryloth, which their side drastically lost. For eight years, they were stranded on that planet forgotten about by both sides of the war.

One day, when he and Hagro were desperately trying to figure out how to pay off all their overwhelming debts, they spotted what they thought was a Stormtrooper walking around without any armor on. It was definitely a clone of Jango Fett, but they realized it was probably the rumored first clone, who was unaltered in any way. Dranoal thought maybe if they could capture him, they could turn him into a bargaining chip with one of the crime syndicates. Hagro argued against trying to capture an unaltered clone of Jango Fett, but Dranoal soon convinced him.

Before they were able to even get too close to Fett though, Dranoal was accosted by Ahesh, one of the handful of loan sharks Dranoal had to hide from daily. Ahesh started waving a blaster around, when Fett mistook the Gran for the one stalking him and shot him in the chest. Fett escaped to his ship, Slave 1, but not before Dranoal and Hagro crammed into Ahesh's Porax 38 starfighter. "It's a one seater!" Hagro exclaimed. But as Dranoal pointed out, not today.

They were able to tail Slave 1 all the way to Malastare, but were too late to witness Boba Fett wiping out the heads of the Ravinsblud Syndicate. Dranoal and Hagro couldn't believe the carnage one man could bring. As they went back to the landing pad, they caught sight of Boba Fett. What's more, he caught sight of them. Boba fired a few shots before running into Slave 1 and again escaping. They followed him to Dranoal's homeworld, Af-El, where they again found Boba murdering heads of a criminal organization.

This time, it was Hagro who successfully convinced Dranoal to do something. They had a ship. A crappy little ship, but still. The ship was freedom. Freedom from Ryloth, and freedom to go somewhere with people who had no idea of their debts or their war history. Dranoal agreed, and they set off together.

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