Ronald Chevalier

Dr. Ronald Chevalier wowing students with his brilliance-anous.

Dr. Ronald Chevalier was a famous science fiction writer from the planet Bronco.  He was known for his manners and refined tastes, making him a renowned a gentleman.  One of his greatest accomplishments was his theory that any word could be made magical by adding "anous" to it.

Anyway, he wrote lots of stuff, but eventually got writers block.  In a moment of extreme weakness, he plagiarized a young man's notes, and published one of the silliest books ever.  His status as a gentleman came down a couple of notches after people found out. 


Anectodal evidence suggests Chevalier inspired the birth name of Yanous, who was famous for traveling to every planet in the Galaxy, except for Fagabeefy 4.

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