800px-Owen Luke

Uncle Owen points and laughs at someone who posted non-canon material on another wiki. Luke doesn't get it.

Material found on the Non-Canon Star Wars Wiki is... wait for it... NOT CANON. Please don't take material here and post it on other more "reputable" Star Wars wikis. Even the stuff that's not funny is probably made up.

Also, pretty much everything here including but not limited to characters, locations, species, pictures, mystical energies that bind the universe together and weapons are the intellectual property of Lucafilm Limited. They are fairly used here in accordance with US copyright law. It's parody.

This site is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Limited, 20th Century Fox, Hasbro,, Star Wars Databank, wookieepedia, jedipedia, yodapedia, brickipedia, lostpedia, or Arby's.

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