Devaron was a perfect example of how planets run by women were just as brutal and dysfunctional as all the other planets.

Devaron was a planet in the Colonies region, and home to scary devil people.


Devaron was one of the early planets outside the Core Worlds to join the Republic. At the time, it was considered to edge of the Galaxy. Devaron had a matriarchal government, but the males were cool with that, because it freed them up to roam around the Galaxy looking creepy. The planet supported the Republic in the Clone Wars, and was officiall pro-Imperial, though there were some bloody uprisings. Devaron had strict capital punishment laws, which prevented them from joining the New Republic. Lousy hippies.

Notable Residents

Kardue'sai'Malloc, Vien'sai'Malloc, Darth Reave, Darth Maladi, and Grizz Frix, of all people, were all from Devaron.

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