The Slaveworkers logo was incredibly offensive to Wookiees.

The Despayre Slaveworkers were a football team comprised of enslaved Wookiees.  The team would hold scrimmages on Despayre as a moral booster for the slaves that were constructing the Death Star.  The team was sent by Emperor Palpatine, to play a charity match against the Alderaan Unarmed Bandits.  At about the same time, Grand Moff Tarkin had completed the Death Star, and decided to wipe Despayre, and its population of mostly Wookiee slaves, as a test of the new power of the battle station.  It worked.  Tarkin soon disovered that the Slaveworkers had left the planet to play football.  Enraged, Tarkin ordered the Death Star to move to Alderaan.  He blew that place up as well, finishing off the remaining builders of the station.  He also took out the Unarmed Bandits, but he wasn't concerned about that.

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