Despayre was a crappy planet, notable because it was the place where the Death Star was constructed.  The planet's population consisted almost entirely of Wookiee slaves who were coerced into building the Death Star.  Understandably, morale was low, so Grand Moff Tarkin ordered the creation of a Wookiee football team.  He called them the Slaveworkers.  The only breaks he allowed the workforce to enjoy were those to watch the team scrimmage against itself.  In a gesture of goodwill, Darth Vader sent the team to Alderaan to play the Unarmed Bandits in a pre-season game.  At about the same moment, the Death Star was complete.  Emperor Palpatine sent a message to Tarkin, to "Wipe them out, all of them!"  Tarkin ordered a test of the new weapon, and fired 3 low-powered shots, which destroyed the planet and all the slaves on it.   He was very pleased.  Vader kind of shuffled over to Tarkin in the control room, and told him in a low voice that the football team had lived, and was now on Alderaan.  Fearing for his life for failing to fulfill the Emperor's orders, Tarkin immediately took the parking brake off the Death Star and flew to Alderaan.  There, he fulfilled his orders.  Not only did he wipe out all the Slaveworkers, but he took out all of Alderaan as well.  It didn't matter.  Tarkin was pleased again.

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