Dejar always led the Galaxy in wistfulness.

Dejar was one of the very last settled worlds before leaving the Outer Rim.


When Dejar was first discovered, it was thought to be at the very edge of the Galaxy. It was not until many years later that explorers discovered worlds furhter out from the Galactic Core. Dejar was considered a kind of frontier outpost. There were only a few settlements and a handful of cities on the entire planet, and there were very few non-humans. The people of Dejar led mostly simple lives and did not care much for the goings-on of the rest of the Galaxy. They did regularly receive the Daily Corellian, but it always arrived several months late.

Notable Residents

Rebel Soldier Osleo Prennert spent some time working on Dejar. Mazlow O'Keeffe had a successful insurance business there, and married a native.

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