"You can just eat my hair, freak!!!"
-Debnoli to Bib Fortuna.

Gary Debnoli was a Smuggler who just couldn't catch a break. He was constantly getting boarded and searched by the Empire, but then they even impounded his ship. He was stuck on Tatooine, and decided to just drown his sorrows for a few days. Of course, then he found out Jabba The Hutt put a price on his head. How could that be? He'd always shown the Hutt nothing but respect, and that Han Solo guy did way worse than Debnoli could ever do even if he tried really hard, and that guy was getting pass after pass. He even stepped on Jabba's tail!

Then Gary spotted Han Solo at the Cantina in Mos Eisley, and he figured it all out. Han was a good looking guy, and Jabba wanted him. Yeah, in that way. It made Debnoli sickened, but then he was enraged. How could Jabba conduct business this way? He was at least as good a smuggle as Solo. Sure, he'd ranked at number 127 on the Sexiest Smuggler poll, but so what?

It was then that Gary decided to try and get a hairpiece. He went right to Jabba's Palace and paraded around in front of the Hutt with his new rug, but nothing. No reaction. Jabba didn't even seem to notice him. Ridiculous!

While at the Palace though, he was roughed up by two Gamorrean Guards and Bib Fortuna, who demanded he pay double to cost of his last shipment he lost or they'd cram an astromech droid up him. Debnoli looked at Jabba, who was doing his best to do a dance with Oola, and he remembered all the rumors. Jabba was barely involved with the criminal organization anymore, and it was Fortuna who was running things. The Hutt was more into helping the unfortunate and people with addictions. It really made a lot of sense.

Debnoli jammed his hairpiece in Fortuna's mouth, knowing the Twi'Lek would freak out too much about it to stop his escape, and that the Gamorreans would find it too funny to not fall down laughing. He ran back into the main chamber, and began yelling to Jabba about his gambling habit. Jabba of course took him under his wing, and had Gamall Wironicc start with therapy sessions. This worked only so long, since Boba Fett was at the Palace that week, and was more in line with Fortuna's way of thinking than jabba's. Bib promised Fett a rub and a tug from one of the recovering addict Twi'Lek chicks if he kicked Debnoli into the Rancor pit. Which he did.

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