A typical loser Duro. They had their chance.

Galactic senate founders

Statue of DeWayne Ballcupper - Human dude.

DeWayne Ballcupper was one of the Core Founders of the human-centric Old Republic.  Unlike other Core Founders, who became the progenitors of galactically famous aristocratic families, Ballcupper had no children, and was a lonely man.  However, he was a brilliant leader, and found a way to establish the Republic without including the Duros in the process.  The Duros had worked with human scientists to develop the hyperdrive.  This momentus invention allowed several major species from the Core expand throughout the galaxy.  The Duros were expecting some kind of 50/50 arrangement in the new power structure.  But DeWayne Ballcupper, as president of the human world of Coruscant (which wasn't the original home of the human species, despite what idiots might tell you) had a plan.  He accused the Duros of using steroids, an accusation from which the they never recovered.  Ballcupper quickly drafted the Republic constitution, and marginalized non-humans with some sort of nonsensical mathematical equation buried in the amendments somewhere.  Ballcupper then insisted that statues of himself as well as the other Core Founders be erected on Coruscant.  The Duros and other aliens that were important at the time realized there was no known defense for ol' Statue Erection Doctrine, and they decided to go away.  This solidified human domination over the galaxy.
800px-Owen Luke

Owen points to all the planets that are not run by Duros.

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