Davin Felth
Davin Felth











"Look sir, droids!"
-Davin Felth
Davin Felth was attached to Alvien Squad, one of the Sandtrooper Squads sent to Tatooine to retrieve the stolen Death Star plans.
Davin Felthb
Davin was the one who found a piece of C-3PO, deducing it was actually Droids in the escape pod. He and Alvien Squad were then sent to Mos Eisley to set up road blocks for anyone entering the spaceport intending the escape the planet. Davin and his Captain were fooled by Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Mind Trick when they attempted to ask Luke Skywalker about his droids. When the roadblock was packed up, Davin and Menard Hourly were stopped by Garouf Lafoe about a Lightsaber complaint in the Cantina. He and Menard investigated and found nothing. There was a lot of that going on that day.
Davin Felthd
Davin went with his squad to investigate a report from Garindan that the Droids they were looking for were leaving on a ship at Docking Bay 94. They entered and immediately exchanged fire with a smuggler, who ran inside and escaped.


Davin was not part of the Dewback Patrol, but Rabble Latcher let him ride on his Dewback during the slow moments before they found the escape pod.
Davin Felthc

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