It was sometimes abbreviated to DDOCSFNDSMFSST, but that was equally as hard to remember.

Dashadartonchonsonfronadockmanfranshansonton was a planet in the Outer Rim colonized by the Dashade species.


After the Dashade's original planet of Urkupp was destroyed by the Sith Empire, Dashades across the Galaxy petitioned the Republic to set up an official homeworld on an uncolonized Outer Rim planet. Permission was granted because nobody cared about the Outer Rim, and nobody wanted creepy Dashades hanging around anyway. The Dashades gave the new planet a very long and silly name because their language was stupid.

Notable Residents

Darth Cheww and Ket Maliss were both from Dashadartonchonsonfronadockmanfranshansonton.

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