The fury of Darth Zirock.

Darth Zirock was apprenticed to Darth Racist, murdering him after almost twenty years of being his apprentice and pal.

Zirock's search for an apprentice wasn't as severe as Darth Gape's, but it was still no easy task. His first was Darth Jaywalk, who died in her first year as a Sith. Darth Rennnd lasted only as long as his first Sith Robe fitting.

Zirock's penultimate apprentice was Darth Nife. Nife tried to use Rennnd's crappy Halloween costume as his Sith robes, but the previous owner stank of mung. Nife had to wash them immediately, but of course they shrunk. When Nife met up with Zirock at the bar they frequented, Zirock pretended not to know him. Completely embarassed, Zirock took Nife into the back alley and turned him into Kibbles 'N' Bantha Bits.

Zirock at last found Taga Delmarr on Coruscant. He snatched her away before the Jedi could even get a whiff of her, and christened her Darth Anous. He raised her to be a Sith Lord, and also taught her how to properly shampoo his rather unruly beard. She was fiercely and deeply devoted to her Master - right up until she murdered him with acidic beard conditioner in Old Republic year 24,271.

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