Darth Vomitous
Regin Menal was born on Stennaros, and became the ninth apprentice of Darth Gape. She was not the most powerful Sith, but definitely held her own. There was no doubt she could take Gape out when the time came anyway. Darth Vomitous, as she was named by him, would do him proud. If only he would let her.

Darth Gape had made it a policy to sleep with all of his female apprentices after doing so with Darth Gatt. When it came time to bed Darth Vomitous though, Gape just couldn't go through with it. Her ugliness shined through the bag on her head. The session was quickly aborted.

Gape continued to teach her the Sith arts for another two years, but her flirtings and pushing became more insistant as time went on. Gape figured it was time to test her. He ignited his lightsaber, declaring that one of them would die that day. That is how Gape went on to find Darth Manwarmth.

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