Darth Tare
"I truly am uncertain how else to make it clear that I am not interested!"
-Darth Tare to his second apprentice, Darth Powerbottom, as the former execute the latter.

Tare was the only apprentice of Darth Creatine. Like a true Sith Lord, he killed his master just before he could learn everything Creatine would teach him. When he was sleeping. And then he nailed him. In the stink.

Tare had two stuttersteps before finding his final apprentice. Darth Flajjilaaaaate lasted a couple years before dying, and Darth Powerbottom lasted barely a month. Darth Felchus on the other hand was a natural who had a really difficult time dying. Finally, in the Old Republic year 24,336, Tare was killed by Felchus. He was extremely proud as he died.

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