Born as Lucky Lickens on the planet Croatia, he was discovered by the Sith Lord Darth Gape and christened Darth Stankbreff. He was incredibly loyal to his master, in fact TOO loyal as it never even occurred to him to kill Gape even though it's a rule of the Sith Order to do so.  Stankbreff was his second (of many) apprentices.

Gape had to take Stankbreff outside and put him down. Later on, he annointed a new apprentice, Darth Gatt


Native Croatians only live, at most, 15 years anyway, and usually their age is multiplied by 7 to figure out their "human" age. This is due to Croatia's orbit around its sun. But, since Croatians don't live that long anyway, it was a little foolish to try and perpetuate the Sith Order with one. This was a mistake that would be made again later.   Humans settled on Croatia and had greater success with their lifespans than the natives, but they usually weren't that happy about it, because Croatia is difficult to live on. All there is to eat is chicken, and it makes it difficult to make poo.

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