Darth Rennnd was the second apprentice to Sith Lord Darth Zirock. Rennnd's (and last) mission was to go to the mall with Zirock's last $100 until the new credit card cycle started, and get himself some Sith robes.

Instead of spending it on top quality threads, Rennnd got himself a Dip'n'Dots, a Starbucks (plus one for the cute girl in line behind him, though this ploy still got him no play), and a new X-Box 360 game. He only had $15 left, so he went to Hot Topic and bought the cheapest robes he could find. When he returned to Zirock's fortress and his master saw what he'd spent the money on, he was instantly murdered.


Zirock was still short on funds when he found Rennnd's replacement, Darth Nife. Nife was forced to use the same robes that got Rennnd killed, but shrunk them after a day-long wash since Rennnd stank of mung. Nife also perished.

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