Darth Ramage
Darth Gape had looked high and low, and actually gone through seven other Sith apprentices before he decided to use the Holonet personal ads. That is how Spak Fender, a young man from Boston, became Darth Ramage, eighth apprentice to Darth Gape.

He'd been practicing Sith magic on his own for several years. A few sacrificed Shaaks here and there, that sorta thing. The Dark Side was already flowing through him. Now all Ramage needed was a teacher.

Ramage and Gape chatted online for months before meeting in person. They really hit it off, and found in each other what they'd been looking for all along. They had a definite connection, and Gape was extremely excited when the day came to meet in person. They agreed to meet at a bookstore, so that when people asked how they got together they didn't have to admit to the personal ad. "Bookstore" would be the answer, and it would be the truth.

When Gape saw Ramage in person though, he kinda flipped his lid. Ramage completely failed to accurately describe himself, and the picture was clearly a few years old. Ramage suggested they at least have a coffee and try to get comfortable with one another, but Gape was outraged. He felt completely betrayed, and cut Ramage in half then and there. Then he chewed Ramage's face off. The next year, Gape would find Darth Vomitous.


Gape's personal ad read:

Outgoing evil "Jedi" Master seeks eager young evil padawan for training and maybe more! Let's see where this goes. Ideal candidate would be from a humanoid species, young adult, male, and tight! No fatties! Must be open minded and willing to experiment. HEY! I can teach you how to use the Force to do things those stuck up Jedi would never think of. It will rock your world, and maybe you could rock mine in return. If interested, send your resume, a head shot, and a full body shot preferably wearing briefs or the like, and a SASE to:

597 Spacely Way, Rockton Kansas.

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