Darth Manwarmth
Wow, you're so nice and fuzzy...does the fuzz go all the way down? Tell me, do you like backrubs?

–Darth Manwarmth's final words

Doug Mold was born on Coruscant, but spent 94 years travelling around the Galaxy. First with his father, then later on his own. He saw over 297 systems before ending up on Stennaros and meeting Darth Gape.

He briefly became Darth Manwarmth, Gape's penultimate apprentice. He was an embarassment to both the Sith Lords, and Gape personally. And in fact, it's something Gape would never talk about again. He was so scarred that he didn't even look for a replacement for five years. It was then that he found Darth Dre.

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