Darth Greedo

He's not a Sith Lord. He just dresses that way.

Darth Greedo was one of Sir James Greedo's many sons.  Despite his name he was not a Sith Lord.

Childhood Edit

Darth Greedo was named Darth by his father, who hoped that he may one day grow up to be a Sith Lord.  As a child, Darth was forced to wear black robes everywhere.  He was frequently ridiculed in school- mostly by his brothers, many of whom had much more sensible names and wardrobes.  Darth held a great deal of resentment toward his father, but was otherwise generally friendly, if a bit inept.  When he got older, he accepted his lot in life, and continued to wear the black robes.  His father, disappointed that he lacked any force abilities, eventually threw him out.

Tragic End Edit

Darth got a job with a construction company and traveled to Tatooine to work on the new JFL stadium being constructed in Anchorhead.  Unfortunately, Darth got seperated from his crew and ended up getting lost somewhere around the Dune Sea.  His black robes offered him little protection from the heat of the desrt planet, and he was very close to dying of thirst.  By luck, he saw a small house.  Entering the house, he found an old man who appeared to be sleeping.  Overjoyed that someone could help him, Darth yelled, "I'm glad I found you!  I'm Darth Greedo!"  The old man quickly awoke and sliced through Darth with his lightsaber.  The last thing Darth Greedo heard, was the old man saying, "That's two more Sith Lords than Mace Windu ever killed."

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