Darth monkey
Marvin Spleen was a Grimshaw born on the planet Monkeyfight. He was the final apprentice of Darth Cognus, who christened him as Darth Gape. He went down as the Sith Master with the most apprentices in history, while also having the lowest connection to the Force.  


Marvin was very young when Cognus abducted him to mold him into a Sith Lord. Cognus was in such a hurry to secure the continuation of the Rule of Two, that she was undeterred by the fact that Gape showed the barest of affinity for the Force. He could move a pencil with his mind, but that was about it. No rocks, no boxes, no ships, and he certainly was unable to yank his lightsaber back into his hand. As a Grimshaw, Marvin spent plenty of time yanking other things though.

Despite his severe lack of connection to the Force, Marvin excelled at being an evil prick and devoted himself to Bane's Rule of Two. Cognus focused on teaching him to use a lightsaber and getting him to memorize various Sithy things that he would have to teach to his apprentice. Eventually Cognus died of old age, and Gape was left as the only remaining Sith Lord. 

His inability to actually use the force led him to make a series of poor choices for apprentices, but he eventually found someone wit the potential to be a true Sith Lord and maintain the Rule of Two.



After several disappointments, Gape settled with Darth Dre. Dre was everything he wanted in an apprentice, and was certainly far more powerful in the Dark Side than Gape could ever hope to be. The Sith Legacy would live on. Gape was succeeded by Dre in the Old Republic year 24,196.  


Gape's left hand was bitten off by his fourth apprentice, Darth Dank. For several years, he left it as just an open nub, biting into it when about to duel and bleeding all over his opponent when he got in close. After he discovered his final apprentice, Darth Dre made him a custom hand that he wore until Dre murdered him like a good apprentice.

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