Darth Fister
Salm Akinom was born on the planet Kansas, and discovered right after dropping out of high school by Darth Gape. He had minimal Dark Side talents, but at this point Gape had gone through six apprentices, and was getting very desperate. Little did he know he still had a few more in his future.

Naming himself Darth Fister, he embraced Gape as his master and began learning the ways of the Sith. After he made it passed the second year mark, Gape began to get excited that maybe this one was the one. He had the right amount of rage, he could handle a lightsaber, he wasn't overly depressed, and Gape knew that when it came time to, he'd have no problem murdering his master. Maybe he could finally relax and train someone without worrying that it won't work out.

Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. Fister died only a few months later and had to be replaced. Once again, Gape began looking for an apprentice, happening upon Darth Ramage through a personal ad.

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