Darth Fascist was born Nays Yiblik, on the planet Portsmouth. He was discovered by Darth Cognus as a  young man, and seduced by the Dark Side of the Force. He didn't seem to mind so much. She was older, it was hot.

In time, Fascist felt the Rule Of Two was complete baloney. The Sith should spread like wildfire across the Galaxy and snuff out the Jedi completely. Cognus firmly believed what Zannah had taught her about Bane's teachings, and refused. Like her first apprentice, Fascist took off for his own journey and disappeared in the Old Republic year 24,116.  

He was able to find like minded people, and teach them the ways of the Sith. In the end, they formed the Sith Gang. He respected his Master's wishes of not revealing themselves to the Jedi until the time was right. Instead, he and his companions made beer. It was damn good, and they made good money from it.

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