Darth Dre
Born Anton Yelchin on New York, Darth Dre was created when discovered by the Sith Lord Darth Gape. After ten complete misses, Gape found his hit with Dre in the Old Republic year of 24,173.

Learning from Gape lasted only 23 years. Dre learned all he could in only a couple years, but not only did he enjoy petting Gape's fuzzy head, he also needed to find his own apprentice before offing his master. He'd finally had enough of Gape's incessant self-handing, and dropping him in a volcano. Within a matter of months, he found Darth Semenal. Within a year, Semenal died, but he replaced him quickly with Darth Sodomy. Sodomy died after a matter of months, but then Dre discovered Darth Racist.

Racist was already kinda old, but incredibly powerful. Ugly, yet tender. and of course in time, he killed Dre in his sleep.

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