Darth Cuttabich1
Nolem was born on Nar Shaddaa, and had intense rage. He would fluxuate between anger and depression for most of his life, though his mother insisted he was a very happy baby.

He was discovered by Darth Gape a couple years after he had murdered his own master, Darth Cognus. Gape was amazed at how powerful Nolem was even without any training. The Dark Side ran through him like a Womprat through the Mos Eisley sewer system. He could well become the most powerful Sith yet!

Christened as Darth Cuttabich, he quickly began learning the lessons Gape gave him. His rage, though a valuable tool of the Sith, was almost unbearable. It consumed him, and he was indeed on his way to becoming one of the most powerful Sith. Unfortunately, Cuttabich's depression was also powerful. Gape had to put him in the Coruscant Home For Those Who Must Be Kept, where Cuttabich was given sedatives daily. It broke Gape's heart, but he had to perpetuate the Sith legacy he'd inherited. He would go on to find Darth Stankbreff shortly after learning that Cuttabich had been suffocated in his bed at the Home. Cuttabich whistled Yellow Submarine for six days straight, even in his sleep, and his fellow crazies decided they'd had enough.

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