"I'm taking you to Fist City!"

Bewbicang Chaelton wasn't born on Croatia, but he was of Croatian descent. Discovered on the planet Fist City by Darth Fascist, he was christened Darth Croatia and became the first of Fascist's Sith Gang. They broke apart from the newly founded Rule of Two and began recruiting other like minded peeps so they could practice the Dark Side together, especially on weekends while drinking a lot and watching Football or sitcoms.

Croatia was the most passionate of the Gang, often getting into arguments with strangers and acting generally belligerent. Long before Palpatine, Darth Croatia enjoying pretending random things were toilets. He could often be found lifting a couch cushion like a toilet seat and urinating inside. He was also a fan of skinnydipping, and would rarely get into a fight with his clothes on. Urinating places other than a toilet became a long standing Sith tradition.

His first apprentice was Darth Kraft.

Croatia overseeing the training of his first apprentice, Darth Kraft.

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