Orin Spurtz was born on Nar Shaddaa, and discovered by Sith Lady Darth Anous as a pre-pubescent. She simply blinked in his direction and he was ready to board her spacecraft and endure what ever suffering she felt like tossing at him. Darth Creatine was born.

For twenty years Creatine was Anous's servant and apprentice. She taught him everything she'd learned from her own master, and then the pair learned more together. The Sith line was incredibly strong with Anous and Creatine combined.

Then, after a couple of decades of "tonight, huh, tonight?", Anous finally let Creatine bed her. It was then that he fulfilled his duty as a Sith apprentice, and murdered her to become the master. He then nailed her once more just for grins. He quickly found his own apprentice with Darth Tare, who killed Creatine 20 years later like he had done to Anous. Tare also nailed Creatine, just like he'd done to Anous, but only the one post mortem time.

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