Darth ChuckMc

Darth ChuckMc was the winner of the incredibly popular Happy Bunny Sith Apprentice Competition, and went on to become a very notable yet secret Sith Lord.

Early Life

Darth ChuckMc was born in the Flo're'Dah system on the planet Ort Lando. He was raised mostly by his mother, a vestal virgin turned electrician, and moved off planet to Hoth. After a few years of freezing their asses off, they fled Hoth in hopes of finding a new life in the Tennessee System. After 6 months of no job, no food, and a bad case of chigger bites, the Mc's moved back to Ort Lando and lived with his Nanny. ChuckMc spent the next few years playing with a heavy metal band he formed with some high school friends. They traveled the Flo're'Dah system, and actually made a few bucks and had quite large fan following...but then it happened...ChuckMc became disillusioned by all the whores and booze, and quit the band. Penniless, whoreless, and bandless, ChuckMc wandered Ort Lando bouncing from retail job to retail job, until one day he noticed a flyer in a Target bathroom. It was for The Happy Bunny Sith Apprentice Competition. He thought, "What the hell! It beats the shit out of picking up after other peoples screaming, messy kids, or cloroxing teenager feces off endcaps!", so he entered the competition, and won.

Sith Life

Darth Grump

When it came time for an apprentice, ChuckMc took Darth Grump. He was incredibly intrigued when he heard Grump singing a song called "I love trash", and said out loud "That's it, that's the one."

In ORC 24,575, after almost twenty years of being buddies, Grump killed his master in true Sith fashion.

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