Darth Bad was bad.  Bad as hell.  He could make a Nexu piss itself with a glare.  If you crossed him, you'd soon be on the business end of a knuckle sandwich.  If you gave him any lip, he'd snatch the slack out of your ass quicker than you could say "Kessel run".  He was a bass guitar covered in spikes and chains and then lit on fire. 


Even as a fuzzy Ewok, Giggles seethed with attitude

Early Life

Darth Bad was born an Ewok on the forest moon of Endor under the name Fuzzy Giggles.  From the beginning, he never fit in.  While the other Ewoks were all about happiness and singing, Giggles was all about fist fights and nut kicks.  He was soon expelled from the Ewok Village for lighting his own farts on fire, something that is very dangerous on a forest moon.  Whipped into a froth with rage, Giggles shaved him self down to a Twi'Lek Straddle and a mullet.  He was 105 pounds of bad news, and he knew it.  When Toydarian traders came to Endor, Giggles hitched a ride to Tatooine where mean was king and he wore a size 8 3/4 crown. 

The Birth of Darth Bad


Bad as hell.

While Fuzzy was chugging bevs and throwing off the vibe in the Cantina in Mos Eisley (many years before the Wookie Chalmun would own it), Darth Yummy sat sipping his refined beverage and feeling the fabric of his finely crafted Sith robes.  He had no apprentice and he needed someone to balance his dandy nature.  He locked eyes with Fuzzy and felt a chill go up his spine.  Though he sensed absolutely no force sensitivity in the shaved Ewok, he couldn't resist and asked Giggles to be his Sith apprentice.  Giggles knew some Sith gear was the last thing he needed to complete his image and at that moment, Darth Bad was born.

The Death of Darth Bad

Darth Bad was a terrible Sith.  His Force Lightning amounted to nothing more than a static shock.  When trying to execute a Force Choke, his hand would cramp long before any oxygen deprivation took place.  As a swordsman, he was as clumsy as an epileptic Gungan.  But goddamnit, he was bad, and Darth Yummy overlooked all his short comings.  Though he was far too short for the complicated weapon, Darth Bad chose the dual blade lightsaber as his weapon because there was nothing badder than a double ended saber, and Darth Bad never really had a choice.  Despite obvious tactical misgivings, Darth Yummy couldn't even muster a counter argument.  During his first attempted parry while training, Darth Bad deflected his master's attack with one end of the saber and impaled himself with the other.  Darth Yummy moved on and took Darth Elmer as his new apprentice.  Even though Elmer excelled at all of the Sith arts, he wasn't as bad as Dath Bad, something Yummy would remind him of at every opportunity.

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