Darnay standing with fellow manharem member Balpa Humbucker.

Darnay was a Hnemthe travelling Salesman, specializing in flavored beverages. He was trying to hit all the major locations of Tatooine, but had gotten detained at Jabba's Palace. He was trying to interest the Hutt in installing one of his vending machines, with the trademarked Grape Drank logo on the front, when Bib Fortuna convinced Darnay to partake in a game of Sabacc. 19 Tequilas later, Darnay had squandered the slight fortune he'd made with his Drank franchise, and then some. Jabba promised to let Darnay stay at the Palace and work the debt off. Fortuna made sure Pusifut became a plaything in his manharem.

Jabba finally was able to get the paperwork filled out, and leased several of the Drank machines. The money Pusifut received was more than enough to get him away from Fortuna forever, but it was Luke Skywalker who actually made it happen.