Darlyn Boda was so hot and humid that Jek Porkins refused to go there.

Darlyn Boda was a jungly planet that was host to many criminal organizations as it was on the edge of the Corellian Trade Spine. The Rebel Alliance also had a base there, since it had no Imperial presence.


Darlyn Boda was filled with organized crime, but wasn't really an overly dangerous place to hang out, as long as you weren't trying to muscle in on anyone's business. Due to its relatively close proximity, the Rebel base there was used as a staging point when the base on Hoth was being constructed. After the Battle of Hoth, some rebels stopped at Darlyn Boda in order to regroup and get medical attention.

Notable Residents

4-LOM spent some time there both at the beginning and the end of his bounty hunting career.

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