The controversial Coruscant Racists logo is widely detested by Duros.

The Coruscant Racists were a team in the Jawa Football League based on Coruscant.  They were one of the oldest teams not located on Tatooine.


Even before the formation of the JFL, football was a popular sport on Coruscant, especially in the High Schools.  When the league formed in 920, the Galactic Senate petitioned the league to add an expansion team on Coruscant.  The promise of bringing some of the Galaxy's wealthy elites into the ownership group.  Dingo Preston Medici, a descendant of one of the Core Founders, put up the, at the time unheard of, sum of 4,000 Republic Credits to become owner of the new team, with the condition that Humans would be allowed to play.  The Jawas were uncomfortable with allowing non-Jawas to play, but they needed the cash, so they agreed.  Medici was hailed as a crusader against racism.  He named them the Coruscant Blue-Skinned Jerks, and they shared a field with Coruscant High School.  The Duros immediately began protesting the team.  they claimed that the team's logo and mascot were insensitive, and that they should be forced to allow Duros to play as well.  The JFL publically stated that as long as the checks kept coming, the team could call themselves whatever they want, and that the league was only open to Jawas and Humans.  Over the next several thousand years, the Duros continued to pressure the team to change its name, but the team remained popular.


In the mid 5,000's the JFL finally lifted their ban on non-Jawa players.  They also granted a franchise to Duros, which was named the Duros Douchebags, in an attempt to make the Blue-Skinned Jerks feel bad.  Unfortunately, it did not have the intended effect, but the two teams began a fierce and passionate rivalry that continued for the next 20,000 years.  While most of the league began welcoming players from every species imaginiable, the Blue-Skinned Jerks continued to field a human-only roster for an additional thousand years, despite the fact that the Humans were getting beat regularly.  In 6,998, the last of the Medici family died, and the team was sold.  Under less racist ownership, the team became the last integrated team in the JFL.  They still refused to change their name and logo, since it had become a marketing success, but they agreed to get rid of their mascot: Jerkface, the drunk, lazy Duros.  Over the next several thousand years, the team continued to face lawsuits about their name.  Finally, in 12,871, the Galactic Supreme Court ruled that not only was their name was unacceptable, but they would be forced to change their name to the Coruscant Racists.  They were, however, allowed to retain their logo, since the defendants had argued that it wasa  tribute tot he Duros role in the founding of the Republic.

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