Coruscant is the kind of place that makes a bum feel like a king. And it makes a king feel like some nutty, cuckoo, super-king

Coruscant was the capitol world of the Galaxy. Yay!


Coruscant view EII 1

Nothing gets you into your Padawan's jockeys like admiring the sunset over the skyscape.

Imperial center ROTJ

Good times on Coruscant!

Coruscant was full of rich industrialists who just couldn't stop building stuff. They built stuff on top of stuff, and then built some stuff on top of that stuff too. It was a world overflowing with stuff. They had to ship in more stuff from other planets in order to build some more stuff. As the Galaxy became unified into the Republic, Coruscant became the capitol world. Leaders came and went, as leaders do. Usually on your leg. The Jedi moved their headquarters there, and turned their nose up at most people who wanted to sign up. All was good.
Coruscant at night

Night Time is the Right Time to make love to yo' lady...on Coruscant.

Then the Clone Wars happened, and it all went to hell. There was even a battle on Coruscant, where the leader pretended to be kidnapped, though he was actually leader on both sides. One gigantic practical joke.

Later on, the Empire was created, and ruled for a while without any problems. Then some uptight peeps got together and shook it all up, then broke the Emperor's statue. Very sad. But they were happy, so whatevs. Coruscant was also home to lots of important buildings, and the Coruscant Racists of the JFL.

Notable Residents

Pretty much everybody and their brother was either from Coruscant or spent a lot of time there. Here is a partial list that doesn't even include all the Senators and Jedi that spent most of their time there:

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