Coruscant Humans drive like this, but Corulag Humans drive like this.

Corulag was one of the Core Worlds. There was an Imperial Academy there.


Corulag was first colonized by Humans from Coruscant. This led to thousands of years of the residents complaining that it wasn't as nice as Coruscant. Actually, it was much nicer than Coruscant, because it had not been severely over-developed yet. The Republic had an academy built there for the study of physics and engineering, but it eventually just evolved into a military school. Corulag remained closely allied with Coruscant, and was loyal to the Empire.

Notable Residents

Imperials Lieutenant Watts, Corporal Avarik, Rebels Judder Page and Wenton Chan, as well as Juno Eclipse and Nizuc Bek, were all from this planet.

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