Passel argente
The Corporate Alliance was a made up concept by Passel Argente. His company, Lethe Merchandising, produced extremely trendy clothing, specializing in blue jeans. When they had issues with mineral rights on the planet Barlok, the Corporate Alliance came into being as an important sounding entity that would back Lethe in the Galactic Senate. Denaria Kee, who was Argente's aid, also served as CEO of the Corporate Alliance for as long as this charade was necessary. Shortly before the Alliance signed up with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Argente publicly took over from Kee.

The Alliance was responsible, obviously, for the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid as well as the Fantail. They fought for the Seperatist side during the Clone Wars. When Argente and Kee were murdered on Mustafar by Darth Vader, the Corporate Alliance ceased to be.

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