Evazan was an Azhat from Azhatta, but got his degree in dentistry after his third attempt on the planet Manilla. He was able to get a job at the Eisley Clean Teef Dental Office on Tatooine. His first patient was an Aqualish named Ponda Baba, who had only two really big teeth. Cornelius cleaned them really well, but then the nurse came in and Ponda started making jokes about double teaming her. So they did.

Evazan was fired. It also didn't help that he was selling Nitrous Oxide out the backdoor to Dannik Jerriko. Baba let Cornelius move into his place for a while. The two started skulking around Mos Eisley, looking for trouble and easy pickings to mug or at least beat up. This went pretty well until Ponda picked on some punk in the Cantina, and his sugardaddy sliced Evazan across the belly with a lightsaber. The pair left, and Cornelius vowed to never let Baba pick where they go for drinks ever again.

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