Corellia isn't going to put up with your guff, so don't even try it.

Corellia was a Core World known for its people's maverickiness.


The planet itself was mostly rural due to its massive orbital manufacturing facilities, but there were major cities there also. Corellia was one of the first planets to rebel against the Rakatan Infinite Empire, and began studying their technology with complete disregard for their own safety. Eventually, they succeeded in producing the working Hyperdrives that allowed for the founding of the Republic. Despite their importance in the founding of the Republic, Corellia was a strong supporter of the rights of individual planets to completely ignore Republic rules. This led to several incidents when Corellia temporarily pulled out of the Republic.

The adventurous spirit of Corellians helped them to map many Hyperspace routes and important trade routes such as the Corellian Trade Spine. Corellians also produced the best spaceships, but they tended to be less safe, and not as efficient as other comparable models. This is just the way the Corellians liked them.

During the Clone Wars, Corellia pulled out of the Republic, and was left alone by both sides, because the Corellians would have kicked all of their asses if given a reason. Even during the time of the Empire, Corellia was allowed to rule itself in exchange for paying some taxes. This allowed the Rebellion to operate freely there. Corellia was a member of the New Republic, but wanted nothing to do with the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, which led to one of those big civil wars that were popular at that time.

The Daily Corellian was popular all over the planet, and much of the rest of the Galaxy. The Corellia Gurrcats were Corellia's JFL team.

Notable Residents

Most of the cooler people in the Galaxy were from Corellia. They include:

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