Commoner was especially sick of Google asking if it meant "Commoner".

Commenor was a planet in the Colonies, but was frequently considered to be part of the Core Worlds due to its relative prominence.


Commenor was originally a colony of Humbarine, and the two planets remained close allies even after Commenor became independent. Commenor's major export was booze, which made it an important part of the Republic. Commenor also had a rich military tradition, with the Military Academy of Commenor being recognized as one of the best military schools outside of the Republic Academy System. It also had a seedy underbelly and was the home to several houses of ill-repute. During the Clone Wars, the CIS attempted to take over the planet and its rich booze deposits, but Commenor's defensive forces were able to hold them off. Commenor was the site of major anti-Imperial protests, which resulted in the predictable Imperial crackdown.

Notable Residents

Jan Dodonna, Senator Maury Povich, Darth Pegg and Forn Dodonna were all from Commenor.

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