Colin Higgins

Colin listens intently, just like he assumes Wedge would have done.

Colin Higgins was a pilot for the Rebel Alliance, and fought in the Battle Of Yavin as Blue Eleven.


Colin was a quiet guy that mostly kept to himself. He joined the Alliance at some point, and flew in a handful of missions prior to being transferred to the Rebel base on Yavin. He was humiliated by Luke Skywalker after suggesting that it was impossible to hit the small exhaust port. He secretly hoped the mission would fail so that he could rub it in that punk's face. He never got the chance. On the initial approach to the Death Star, He was shot down by a turret. Nobody even noticed or commented on his death. He was one of the many Rebel casualties in the battle, though, thanks to Luke and his ability to shoot small things, the Empire lost a few people more. 

Fake Wedge

Owen Luke-reverse

Uncle Owen shows Luke how to tell the difference between a woodchuck and a groundhog.

Colin liked to pretend that he was Wedge Antilles during briefings.  He did this to annoy the real Wedge, who he hated for some reason, but Wedge actually liked it because it allowed him to skip briefings without getting in trouble. Around the time of the Battle of Hoth, Wedge went looking for Colin so he could skip more briefings, but he couldn't remember his name, and everyone else swore that they were the same guy. Even Wedge began to doubt if Colin had ever existed.


Colin was played by himself in the movie Star Wars.

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