The team felt it was classy, but everyone else just thought it was stupid.

The Clak'Dor Ghhhks were a JFL team that played on Clak'Dor VII.


The team had a long rich history of losing big games in an excruciating manner. The Ghhks were actually the second team to play on Clak'Dor. The original team was moved to Bespin by Lando Calrissian. The die-hard Clak'Dor fans refused to aknowledge this fact and kept showing up at the stadium every week until the JFL gave them an expansion franchise a few years later. Lando was more than willing to let them keep all their previous records of failure. After a big war forced most residents of Clak'Dor VII to live in domed cities, the team continued to play in the vast radioactive wasteland of the planet's surface. The Ghhks had a storied rivalr with the Dune Sea Blacksmiths even though they only managed to beat them on average once every 85 years.

Logo and MascotEdit

Turd Sandwich

It was either this or a giant douche.

The Ghhks refused to use an official logo or mascot, preferring to stick to the ultra-boring blank helmet, but fans embraced the Turd Sandwich as an unofficial representation of the team and its fans.

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