Chukha-Trok has had enough of this crap.

You shut your damn mouth when Chukha-Trok is talking.

–Chukha-Trok after being interrupted by Wicket

Chukha-Trok was an Ewok warrior from Endor.

Chukha-Trok lived in seclusion, finding his fellow Ewoks too cute, cuddly, and lovable. He flet that the Ewoks would have to toughen up significantl;y if they ever hoped to defend themselves from any outside invader. Despite his protests, the old guard agreed with Chief Chirpa that making big teddy bear eyes and doing cute things would keep them safe. Finally, Chukha-Trok had enough and abandoned the Ewoks and their cartoonish adventures. When Logray needed him to help Mace Towani and his younger sister Cindel rescue their parents from the Gorax, Chukha-Trok agreed. Even though he was sickened by the simplistic plot and over-the-top sentimentality of the events, he stepped up and gave his life for them. His death inspired some of the other Ewoks to look into ways of defending their homeworld, which came in handy eventually.

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