Chockie in his prime.

In his day, Chockie was the most popular adult film star on Malastare. When he was able to buy his freedom, he began producing his own films rather than starring in them. He produced such titles as Six T*ts One Chick, C***bound Flight, The Butt Gambit, Women With Wookies, The Cestus Er**tion, Labia Of Evil, The Force Is Strong In Her, Debbie Does Dagobah, A New Hole, Ignite My Lightsaber, Return of the Browneye, Sullustians Sucking Mean Schlongs, and Revenge Of The Slit.

Chockie also made Sebulba a huge star on their homeworld, but Sebulba couldn't wait to stop being a slave and get into Podracing. It broke Chockie's heart (and bank account) to see his big money maker quit. He produced only two films after the Empire came into power, called The Empire Strikes Butt, followed by The Emperor Taps Dat Azz. This is what triggered the subjugation of Malastate, and Chockie was never heard of again.

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